Women's Ministry


It is the ACTS Women’s mission to uplift and empower every sister in the knowledge of God and of who He has created her to be in the Body of Christ. We want to inspire every sister to develop and enhance your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, to find your place, your purpose and God’s plan for you within the Kingdom of God and to occupy (work there) until He comes! We have a mandate from God to impact and to reach every sister from all walks of life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which in turn will have a powerful, positive and practical affect on your daily life. It is then and there where each of you will reach and fulfill your ultimate Destiny


We envision a army of Wailing (Praying) Women who know God and like the sons of Issachar, are aware of the times and know just what they ought to do for every situation. We see stability and love on a higher level brought to homes, relationships, and families through the women of God. As a result of the Women’s Ministry, we look to see a dramatic decrease in promiscuity, a reduction in teenage pregnancies, fewer abortions, and a lower percentage of divorces and broken homes. Hand-Crafted, Supportive, Encouraging, and Informative Services, Workshops, Programs and Events are being exclusively designed for women of all ages. We are continually developing and providing the necessary resources and medium to meet the needs of the total woman so that all women will have a successful life in Christ!