Our Vision


Every person should have a vision for their family and of what they want GOD to do in their lives. In the house of GOD, there is also a vision of the house. It is given by GOD to the “angel of the church,” the episkopos, the bishop of the church, which is the pastor of that assembly.

Every other vision must be subservient to the main vision or the vision of the house. If the house vision is not embraces, it will result in unfulfilled destiny or worse – “chaos”. The Bible is clear in the following verse:

For GOD is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.
James 1:22-25 NIV

GOD is not the author of confusion or chaos in the church. All churches will not and cannot have the same identical calling or vision. While the overall purpose and goal for Christianity is to win the world for Jesus Christ, who this is done is quite distince from church to church. When giving the vision of the house, GOD has already factored in the location, the time, the customs and traditions, the leader’s faith and ability, the congregation’s faithfulness, and everyone’s talents, treasures and abilities. The church is compared to the physical body. I believe like the the body, some churches have the ministry of the “EYE,” while others have the ministry of the “EAR.”

The one thing we must all do and do well is support the Vision of the House with our time, talents, finances, energies, prayers, support and especially with our presence!