First Lady Jacqueline Y. Stewart


Get to know the First Lady of ACTS Ministries

Biography of First Lady Jacqueline Y. Stewart

Sister Stewart is the wife of Suffragan Bishop Frank H. Stewart, the Sr. Pastor of the Agape Community Temple of Servants (A.C.T.S.) in Conway and North Little Rock, Arkansas, of which she is the co-founder and ministry supporter.

She has been happily married for thirty-three years and has four beautiful children, along with two daughters & one son by marriage.  To these unions, we currently have four beautiful granddaughters and one grandson on the way.  She is a loving and supporting wife and a mother and grandmother second to none, a woman that A.C.T.S. is proud to call “our First Lady” and our “Church Mother.”

In 1990, she and her husband, along with their two children, moved to Conway, Arkansas under the direction of the Lord to begin a marvelous and anointed work for Him. They have now been at Agape Community Church (now A.C.T.S. Ministries) for twenty-eight years, where the Lord is continuing to use them as instruments to bless, teach, guide, and comfort all who have come to the Ministry.       

She was saved at the age of 15 at the Greater First Deliverance Temple in Oklahoma City, OK under the pastorate of Bishop Vanuel C. Little, Sr., where she was a faithful and dedicated member for ten years. While in Oklahoma, she has had first-hand experience in ministry, serving as the Junior Bible Bowl Coach, Doctrinal Statement Announcer, Baptismal and Altar Worker, Bishop’s and Mass Choir Member, Hospitality Co-Chairperson with her husband, and Ministers’, Deacons’, and Trustees’ Wives leader.   On the State level, she served as the Secretary of the Oklahoma State Sunday School Department.

At ACTS, Sister Stewart has served as the Young People’s President, Sunday School Superintendent, Secretary, Children’s Auxiliary President, Children’s Choir Directress, Church and Radio Announcer, Treasurer, Program Chairperson, Church Bus Driver, Cook, Custodial worker, Fundraiser Chairperson, Praise Leader, and Office Manager and Administrator. She has also worked in the area of Publicity, Prayer Band, Hospitality, Drama, Junior Bible Bowl Coaching, and the Doctrinal Statement Announcer.

She is presently a Senior Board Member, Women’s Auxiliary President, Conway Board-Auxiliary Directress, the Ministers’, Deacons’, and Trustees’ Wives’ President, Women’s Christian Education Teacher – NLR, Directress for the Greeters, Announcers, Culinary, Retreat Coordinator and Pastor’s Aid Auxiliaries. She is a powerful and an anointed, inspirational Teacher and Speaker of God’s Word for the Young Adult Christian Education Class, the Reading through the Bible Class, the Women’ of the Word Book Study and Speaker for various Conferences, Revivals, Programs and Workshops.

After relocating to Arkansas, she has served in the Arkansas District Council Ministers Wives as Treasurer & Newsletter Editor and served as the Young People’s Christian Education Directress.   On the National level, she has served as the International Missionary Christian Women’s Auxiliary Retreat Coordinator for over six years. 

Currently, Sis. Stewart is in the process of founding the “Flame Ministries” (First Ladies Acquiring Ministry Excellence) for Pastor’s and Former Pastor’s Wives along with women in ministry.  This ministry is birthed out her passion to help Women in general who are in Ministry, but especially for those who are or have been married to Pastors.  She understands the unique role of a Pastor’s Wife and that there is no one else like her or who holds the position which she has been called within any church.  She desires to minister to them, giving them a place of safety and refuge, providing them with spiritual insight, encouragement and an outlet to receive spiritual empowerment for their God-given position in Christ.  Her goal is for this ministry to empower Pastor’s Wives giving them hope, healing and a voice, so that they can positively impact their churches, ministries, cities, states and most importantly, the Kingdom of God!                                     

As the wise and hard-working woman of God that she is, she continues to learn all that the Lord has to offer and has done so by increasing her Bible knowledge through correspondence courses at Aenon Bible College and by attending Central Baptist College. It is her plans to complete her degree soon!

Because God has abundantly blessed Sis Stewart, it is her desire to be a Blessing to all she comes in contact with, especially by teaching God’s Word.